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Use this guide to help you better understand your macros and more effectively meet your calorie and macro targets!

What's inside...

  • The super simple "Need this, eat that" cheatsheet to take out the guesswork on what to eat for macro excellence. 
  • Macro Food breakdown to help you understand what food has what (and how much)
  • Low calorie guide to help you implement the 'volume eating' strategy I use with my 1:1 clients
  • The definitive cheatsheet for helping you understand macros better and implement it with ease. 

You should get this guide if...

  • You struggle to successful hit your macros on a day to day basis
  • You can't figure out how to stay within your calories OR eat the amount you need
  • Macros are confusing and you are wondering "what am I even doing?!"
  • Weight loss seems to be a struggle to achieve despite you trying
  • It is difficult for you to stay consistent with your nutrition
  • You feel stuck and struggling with your nutrition and need help!
  • You want to start to get your best results yet
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