“When I first told my clients that I DO NOT do meal plans, they thought I was crazy. Then I showed them how to be able to eat ANY food and still get results and they realised I was perfectly sane.”

If you keep reading, I’ll reveal…

  • The Flexible Macro System: an approach to nutrition I personally use to get my athletic clients more results with less restriction. 
  • The template meal plan ‘misconception’: you do not need one….
  • How you can kickstart your flexible nutrition journey: introducing my new exclusive 90-day Macro Sherpa nutrition program
  • YOURS FREE - Exclusive Access To Fast Action BONUSES: Including a training video where I’ll personally teach you how to use My Fitness Pal as a tool for flexible dieting success so you don’t get overwhelmed with your new lifestyle. 


If you’ve struggled to successfully harness nutrition to help you improve your body composition and elevate your sporting performance. If you have wanted to achieve a competitive edge but still find yourself stuck and struggling. If you’ve tried every diet but still not happy with the results, then you’re on the right page and I encourage you to keep reading. Here’s why...

Macros and Calories - the undeniable truth

There are so many diets and nutrition plans out there that say you need to avoid this or only eat that. 

So much misinformation and conflicting advice that no wonder the average athlete gets confused and resorts to following what's given to them by those around them without question or get stuck in what I call the “Hamster wheel of dieting” - spinning their wheels or jumping from diet to diet. 

I want to change this! 

I want to revolutionise the sports nutrition space by bringing back the foundational truth - calories and macros dictate results. 

At the end of the day, it starts and stops with calories in, calories out (the quantity). To improve upon this, you need to take it a step further and master macros (the quality). 

Combining both and using it as the foundation of your nutrition ensures you are balancing nutrition quality and quantity to get results and reach your peak potential - in health and sport. 

That is what my Flexible Macro System is about - harnessing the science of flexible dieting and combining it with the power of behavioural coaching to ensure my clients get a ‘forever’ solution that creates a lifestyle - not a quick fix. 

Restrictive templated meal plans may actually be doing you more harm than good

Let me guess…

You have relied on meal plans across the years - from different sources and all with different results (both good and bad). 

This sounds familiar, right? 

Well, what If I told you that meal plans are not the solution for nutrition problems.

What if I told you that relying on meal plans as a default strategy is setting you back more than it’s helping you move forward?

What if meal plans are getting in the way of your nutrition success and therefore getting in the way of you achieving your sports performance edge?

Well, that is exactly what may be happening when your nutrition plan is to just follow a restrictive templated meal plan. 

A long-standing myth is that athletes NEED meal plans to survive the competitive world of sports and fuel correctly. 


Well, it’s like getting the answers to a test without learning how to get there yourself. You become reliant and too one dimensional in your approach. 

Not to mention how restrictive it is which makes it either hard to stick to or very unenjoyable...affecting your mindset all the way. 

For example, what happens when you are on a meal plan but it doesn’t include a meal out with friends? You are left feeling stressed, confused, or out of control - all of which can lead to issues with adherence and therefore long term results. 

Sound familiar? 

If it does, keep on reading.

My Flexible Macro System may be the solution you’ve been waiting for...

From restriction to freedom - how I discovered flexible nutrition

I was once like you.

Stuck. Struggling.

Stuck on the hamster wheel of dieting. Seeing results. Then losing them.

Trying a new diet or meal plan. Then stopping it.

Rinse and repeat. It was safe to say that I was not seeing the lifestyle changes that were needed for me to become not only my healthiest self - but I was also struggling to achieve the performance increases I wanted.

See I was playing basketball when I first started focusing on my nutrition and my goals consisted of wanting to look good, play well, and feel great.

I achieved each of these at one point in time but I never really sustained each as long as I wanted and seldom did I achieve the trifecta at once. 

Not until I discovered a new way of “dieting” - or as I now call it Lifestyling 

When I decided to become a dietitian, it started the path to discovering the flexible approach to nutrition. Even for a couple of years after starting work as a dietitian, I was still about that “meal plan life” - creating them for clients (except now I was much better at them).

Yet what I saw time and time again was the client would start the meal plan and see results. Then next time they came in, I’d slowly see the results fade as they stopped adhering to the plan.

This happened over and over again.

It quickly became clear to me that templates don’t create lasting change - and my athletes deserve better. That is when I decided to go back to the foundations of nutrition and create a system that harnesses the undeniable science of calories (it all starts and stops with calories). 

I started using the approach and fine-tuning my system for nutrition - using myself as a guinea pig of sorts. From that, I levelled up and added the macro element which changes it all.

I found a balance between quality and quantity and discovered a flexible and lifestyle compatible way to implement it into the lives of athletes. Nutrition success after all, starts and stops with what I call lifestyle compatibility (i.e. fitting your nutrition into your life so you don’t hate your dietitian). 

Over time I developed what is now known as my Flexible Macro System - designed for the athlete who wants to elevate their nutrition game and become happier, healthier, more confident, and perform at a new level.

In a nutshell, I discovered a sustainable way to approach athletic nutrition plans that was both flexible but also very dialled down and strategic - using macros.



Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Your Coach

My name is Aleksa Gagic - I'm a Sports Dietitian & Nutrition Coach who specializes in using flexible nutrition to help athletic individuals elevate their nutrition and reach peak physique and performance.

Using my Flexible Macro System I have helped dozens of people get better, more sustainable results and break free from restrictive diet practices & nutrition misinformation. I don't believe in quick-fix solutions or generic cookie-cutter approaches, strongly preaching the power of individualization.

Over the years, I have fine-tuned my approach and created an approach where I have been able to use macros to create a unique nutrition experience for athletes that is both specific & strategic as well as flexible, to maintain a balanced lifestyle (and I even use it for myself).

My Why: "To inspire the peak potential within. In everything I do, I look to empower & inspire by delivering a superior experience that transforms lives."

Introducing The 90 Day Macro Sherpa!

Introducing my 90-Day Macro Sherpa program - a kickstarter nutrition coaching program designed with the athlete in mind.

I developed this special program because I found that while flexible dieting was a potential solution for those I wanted to help, the learning curve was an obstacle.

So I wanted to bundle my high level 1:1 coaching in a 90-day bundle for those wanting to try out the approach and learn how to harness it properly.

At the same time, I wanted to show athletes the benefit of working 1:1 with a Sports Dietitian - having a nutrition expert on your team is invaluable for continued success (food is fuel after all). 

If you are an athlete wanting to harness correct nutrition, learn how to fuel properly, discover the foundations of sustainable nutrition, and kickstart your first 90 days of your new lifestyle - then this 90 Day program is the first step to finding or regaining your competitive sporting edge. 

Are you looking to find your competitive edge in your sport?

Do you find yourself hitting plateaus and not achieving PR's?

Are you wanting to correctly fuel for your needs and stop hitting performance walls?

Want to start performing for success?

As a flexible dieting Sports Dietitian in Brisbane, I can help you harness correct sports nutrition programming and strategies to help you optimise your nutrition to help you regain control and boost performance - while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

So if you are an athletic individual looking for help with your nutrition game, I can help you by being your personal Sports Dietitian & Nutrition Coach in this NEW 90 Day coaching experience.

My 90-Day Macro Sherpa program will:

  • Teach you how to harness the foundations of flexible dieting
  • Improve your fuelling and recovery game
  • Show you how to balance quality and quantity to achieve lifestyle change
  • Get 100% accountability and guidance to achieve your best results
  • End your reliance on meal plans and/or unnecessary restriction
  • Get you started on the right path and discover your forever solution 
  • Help you regain your competitive performance edge

Don’t trust me? Well don’t take my word on it...


Learn more about what happens when you apply for my nutrition coaching experience:

What You WILL Get

If you are successful in securing a spot in my exclusive 90 day program, these are just some of the outcomes you can expect to get: 

✔️Discover how to properly harness the power of nutrition to achieve fat loss results that are actually sustainable! (avoiding the weight regain train once and for all)

✔️ Enjoy your fave foods without the hassle of restrictive eating & stressing about what you 'can' and 'can't' eat (its flexible dieting meets behaviour coaching to deliver a whole new more enjoyable "dieting" experience!) 

✔️ Rediscover your lost self-confidence and finally feel like your true self once again by achieving your peak physique (No more feeling uncomfortable in your own skin!)

✔️ Working 1-on-1 with YOU, I help you decipher the murky waters of nutrition misinformation so that you know the what, how, and why - and connect it with the doing so you can achieve success! 

✔️ Learn about the step by step approach to nutrition hierarchy and how to approach flexible nutrition the right way in your first 90 day "sprint".

✔️ Find out which dietary style will suit and work for you long term so that your results are both fast-tracked and sustained so you can conquer your goals!

✔️ Stop feeling stuck and unmotivated from getting no real results - through a tailored flexible approach I will help YOU become a beast at crushing YOUR health and fat loss obstacles!

✔️ Learn how to track your food for success by using my tried & tested flexible approach to nutrition - reducing the stress around food and improving your skills in managing your OWN nutrition!

✔️ Improve your workout performance & energy to not only feel great and empowered - but also optimise your physical gains to maximise your subsequent fat loss efforts & beat your competition!

✔️ In the end - this coaching experience will empower you to use macro-based flexible nutrition to start both transforming your body & improving your performance (both life performance &/or on the field)

What You WONT Get

❌ Generic cookie-cutter advice that leaves you with more questions than answers to your problems!

❌ Restrictive meal plans that aren't sustainable & only teach you what to do (with zero flexibility).

❌ A program that promotes severe calorie restriction as the only way to get results.

❌ The guidance from an unqualified "nutrition expert" who has no sense of evidence-based practice. 

❌ A plan that cuts out your fave foods and tells you you CAN'T eat this & that.

❌ Quick fix results & the subsequent weight regain.

❌ Fad diets/magic pills/expensive powders/'fluffy' advice

❌ A one-and-done plan that stops when the 90 days is over

❌ A nutrition plan that ONLY focuses on losing weight and not holistic health and performance!


Look...nutrition change is simple. But it’s not easy. That is where I come in.

Think of nutrition change as a mountain climb. You need a climber (that’s you). A roadmap (the correct customised nutrition plan). And a sherpa (that can be me, your mentor and coach). 

Having the right plan that is designed and delivered by a Sports Dietitian is invaluable when you consider most people diet only to lose their results within a couple of years - all that lost time because of winging the nutrition game. 

I have been able to streamline athlete results by providing the real-world experience, evidence-based science, and accountability that comes with working with me 1:1, and now it’s your turn to harness this valuable investment into your success - in health and sport. 

Question is, are you game enough to trust in yourself and trust in the process? 

So want to make this the year you transform yourself?


Oh I almost forgot to mention, I want to give you some bonuses to help you really hit the ground running in your first 90 days of your new lifestyle. 

I want you to succeed! It's a passion of mine to see my athletes elevate their potential and reach their peak. So I want it to be easier for you.

So here are some fast action bonuses for you that are available for you today when you click here: [ INSERT ] to sign up now for the 90-day macro sherpa program.

Anyways, here’s what you get complimentary 100% freebie free:

  • My popular complete nutrition e-book bundle: you’ll receive your free copy of my e-bundle that will help you get your head around macros and calories, the flexible nutrition game, and habit change.

This bonus is worth $50 but you get it complimentary when you sign up today for the 90-day macro sherpa program

  • NEW "Walkie Talkie" Access: for the first time ever, I’m opening up a new support add-on that allows you to get extra assistance outside of our coaching sessions - because I know what it's like to have pending questions that need answering (you get 6 credits for "on the go" calls to your coach when you need some extra guidance when email just won't do).

This bonus is easily worth $200+, but I’m giving it away to you 100% COMPLIMENTARY to celebrate your decision to invest in yourself AND to celebrate the launch of this awesome new coaching feature for the 90-day program. 

  • My Fitness Pal Masterclass: exclusive 1:1 session with me where I’ll teach you the in’s and out’s of My Fitness Pal so that you know how to harness this key app for a successful 90-day run. 

This bonus is worth $150 but you get it for free because the last thing I want is for you to be stuck and struggling using a new system and feeling overwhelmed - one of the key benefits of my 90-day program is I take out the guesswork!


Ok so here is what you need to do so that you can start harnessing the power of flexible nutrition and reaching your peak potential.

You could either keep collecting all the freebies out there and following generic meal plans and hope something eventually sticks or you could do something different to be able to achieve a different result. 


I’ll keep it simple. Here’s what you should do now if you want me to personally coach you to your best results yet (with no meal plans and boring diets) while reducing food restriction. 

The What: Apply now for this coaching experience

The How: Click here and fill out the application and book your free Nutrition Audition Call.

The Why: Because right now you may have more motivation, the mountain may appear smaller and the “climb” is less daunting. The longer you wait, the mountain may become bigger and it may get harder and harder to get the same results. 

Be proactive, not reactive. 


P.S. The time is now. Are you going to keep doing the same diets and choosing to continue the life of restriction and not finding your competitive edge? I want to call forth the hero within you. 

Will you answer the call and start approaching your nutrition with more freedom, structure, direction, and accountability? 

Will you invest in yourself and your sporting success? Will you take action?