Harness flexible nutrition & expert 1:1 nutrition coaching to transform your results.

Apply for my nutrition coaching experience where I use my proven method (the Flexible Macro System) to help kickstart your journey & transform your performance, physique, and regain your potential without restrictive dieting & boring meal plans.

Want to end restrictive dieting & regain lifestyle freedom?

Want to get the body that you feel healthy, happy, and confident in?

Want to elevate your performance through correct fuelling and recovery?

Want to stop second-guessing your fuelling strategy & start regaining your competitive edge?

Apply now for your FREE Nutrition Audition Call to speak with me and discover if you are the right fit for this life-changing nutrition coaching experience!

Are you ready to have a Sports Dietitian on your "team"?

The Macro Sherpa Experience

This program is a premium 1:1 online nutrition coaching experience where I will personally work with you in minimum 90-day blocks (or "climbs" as I call them) & teach you key flexible nutrition principles & strategies to help you transform your lifestyle & results.

I want to help you regain your competitive edge and also help you become a happier, stronger, & more confident athlete (whether recreational weekend warrior or elite). I will personally coach you and guide you to better results.

So listen...if you are struggling to make sense of your nutrition and feel stuck in your old ways that don't seem to be working then you need to step out of your comfort zone and elevate yourself - you need to invest in your health & do things differently. Stop second-guessing your nutrition plan and let me take out the guesswork and design a program that is 100% customized to you!

Whether you are a busy active professional looking to get ready for the summer...

A weekend warrior wanting to hit some PR's...

Or an elite athlete wanting to maximize performance and WIN...

I am confident I can help you like the 1000's of others I have worked with in my near decade (8+ years) of experience. All I need from you is your utmost commitment, hard work, and action because at the end of the day it starts & stops with you!

And this program is your step towards realizing why strategic, bespoke flexible nutrition may be the missing link you need to "bridge" the gap between "struggling you" and "peak you".

So are you ready to achieve more with your nutrition & fitness?

Are you ready to finally achieve your goals & become the best YOU possible (all without restrictive dieting & an unhealthy mindset)?

⬇️ Read below to see why this may very well be the investment for YOU!

What You WILL Get

If you are successful in securing a spot in my premium coaching program, these are just some of the possible outcomes you can expect to get: 

✔️Discover how to properly harness the power of nutrition to achieve fat loss results that are actually sustainable! (avoiding the weight regain train once and for all)

✔️ Enjoy your fave foods without the hassle of restrictive eating & stressing about what you 'can' and 'can't' eat (its flexible dieting meets behaviour coaching to deliver a whole new and more enjoyable "dieting" experience!) 

✔️ Re-discover your lost self-confidence and finally feel like your true self once again by achieving your peak physique (No more feeling uncomfortable in your own skin!)

✔️ Working 1-on-1 with YOU, I help you decipher the murky waters of nutrition misinformation so that you know the what and why - and connect it with the HOW so you can achieve success! 

✔️ Learn about the step-by-step approach to nutrition hierarchy and how to approach flexible nutrition the right way in your first 90-day "sprint" and beyond.

✔️ Find out which dietary style will suit and work for you long term so that your results are both fast-tracked and sustained so you can conquer your goals.

✔️ Stop feeling stuck and unmotivated from getting no real results - through a tailored flexible approach I will help YOU become a beast at crushing YOUR health and fat loss obstacles by leveraging access to my expertise and nutrition science.

✔️ Learn how to track your food for success by using my tried & tested flexible approach to nutrition - reducing the stress around food and improving your skills in managing your OWN nutrition!

✔️ Improve your workout performance & energy to not only feel great and empowered - but also optimize your physical gains to maximize your subsequent fat loss efforts & beat your competition.

✔️ In the end - this coaching experience will empower you to use macro-based flexible nutrition to start both transforming your body & improving your performance (both life performance &/or on the field/court/box/gym).

What You WONT Get

❌ Generic cookie-cutter advice that leaves you with more questions than answers to your problems!

❌ Restrictive templated meal plans that aren't sustainable & only teach you what to do (with zero flexibility).

❌ A program that promotes severe calorie restriction as the only way to get results.

❌ The guidance from an unqualified "nutrition expert" who has no sense of evidence-based practice. 

❌ A plan that cuts out your fave foods and tells you you CAN'T eat this & that (no black and white dichotomy with food found here).

❌ Quick fix results & the subsequent weight regain due to not reinforcing and strengthening lifestyle behaviours and habit building.

❌ Fad diets/magic pills/expensive powders/'fluffy' advice - we only dive into the "right stuff".

❌ A one-and-done plan that stops when your first 90-day block is over.

❌ A nutrition plan that ONLY focuses on losing weight and not holistic health and performance!

Flexible Macro System

My coaching experience is backed by my proven, tailored approach to nutrition that I have developed over the years from both optimizing my own nutrition as well as that of my clients.

This has enabled me to find a solution that is focussed on the combination of food freedom and flexibility coupled with nutrition strategy. I call this "Structured Flexibility" and it is the core of what the Flexible Macro System is all about and the success I have had helping my clients leverage this unique approach.

The Flexible Macro System uses my proven framework: The B.A.S.E Method.

What is The B.A.S.E Method?



Build the awareness of where you’re currently at, where you’ve been, and where you want to be. Awareness precedes change and building nutrition awareness is a key part of this method. Think of this as the baseline step of the B.A.S.E Method.



Assess your current situation, nutrition, lifestyle, and goals to determine the pathway and process that needs to be developed to streamline your journey. A complete individualised assessment is a key part of the process for reaching your peak potential by ensuring the right programming is put in place from the start using the right “data”.



Strategic implementation of a customised bespoke plan that is designed for you specifically. This will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be in the right way while maintaining lifestyle compatibility. It is also important that the plan implements Strategic Flexibility which is a key piece of the Flexible Macro System.



Educating you along the way to ensure you know why what you’re doing is working, learn what needs to be done to keep the momentum going and so you can maintain success long term. You need to know both the WHAT and the WAY behind the plan and any adjustments along the way. Education breeds compliance, compliance breeds results, results breed success, and success leads to your peak potential being realised.

Who is this coaching experience for?

Designed for the specific action taker in mind. Are you one of them?


I work with athletes from all sports and of all levels - from recreational to the elite. Our passion is helping athletes leverage real nutrition for real results and helping them reach their peak potential.


We love to work with and help active professionals become their best self. From gym lovin' working professional to "self-confessed weekend warrior"- we work with many active individuals..


Perhaps you aren't looking to instead optimize "life performance"? You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from a Sports Dietitian. We can still help you harness real nutrition strategy.

Some Real Life Client Feedback...

"Aleksa, of course, you would say your coaching experience is the best thing since chocolate milk!".

It is important to be sceptical with the number of unqualified people out there promoting fad diets and misinformation. I pride myself in being the "difference".

So if you still aren't convinced and my 7+ years of experience as a university-qualified Accredited Sports Dietitian & Accredited Practising Dietitian hasn't made you feel more at ease, here are some of my client's own words on working with me.


This coaching experience is NOT suitable for everyone. Due to the level of personalisation in my 1:1 coaching & in addition to the high-accountability nature of the program, it is designed for super ready, action takers only.

This program is for YOU if you are truly committed to transforming your nutrition and health & are ready to take massive action with your lifestyle. This program is for YOU if you are in a position to make an investment to reach your peak self.

First, we hop on a Nutrition Audition Call to see if it's a good fit before committing but you likely qualify if you meet the following criteria:

✔️ You are after a "forever solution", not quick fixes

✔️ You thrive on accountability

✔️ Patience is one of your virtues

✔️ You are open-minded about nutrition and ready to embrace the flexible nutrition lifestyle

✔️ You are engaged in some kind of physical activity (even if not a specific sport - you may be what's called the "Everyday Athlete")

✔️ You are sick of trying and failing and want to reach your peak for good!

✔️ You understand this is the first 90 days of a long term journey that has more 'seasons' to come

✔️ You are 100% committed to your nutrition and fitness goals


Flexible Coaching Options

With my coaching package options, you get to choose how you want to be coached with 2 levels to choose from. Elite coaching on YOUR terms!

Note: The 3 months is a minimum term for 1:1 coaching. This is not a "12-week program" and is designed as a lifestyle and nutrition solution - the duration of which will depend on you and your goals.

The 90-Day Macro Sherpa

A 3-month nutrition coaching program to kickstart your journey & transform your performance, physique, & regain your potential without restrictive dieting & boring meal plans. Designed for the individual who wants to achieve the #1 priority goal first!

  • 1 x Initial Assessment & Goal Designer
  • 6 x Nutrition Coaching Sessions (ensuring the plan + strategies are "fresh" and moving you forward)
  • Fortnightly check-in process (make sure you are following the process towards peak-hood)
  • Customised Nutrition plan (+ adjustments)
  • Current food log audit/review (evaluating your dietary situation and identifying barriers that need removing)
  • 1 on 1 Macro Tracker Intensive (training session) OR Meal planning 101 (training session)
  • Unlimited Email Support (business hours)
  • 2 x monthly SOS 'Sherpa credits' (to get additional help outside of coaching hours)
$1497 (3 x $550/month)


✔️ Designed to provide the ideal balance of coaching frequency, support, and bespoke nutrition strategy for those with less complex goals (i.e. basic fat loss or muscle building) or who are focussed on 1 main goal as a first priority.

Essentially the "Goldilocks" of Sports Nutrition Coaching.

VIP 180-Day Macro Sherpa

A 6-month nutrition coaching program to kickstart your journey & transform your performance, physique, & regain your potential without restrictive dieting & boring meal plans, with the additional support you need to build strength and achieve your higher-level goals.

  • 1 x Initial Assessment & Goal Designer
  • 12 x Nutrition Coaching Sessions (ensuring the plan + strategies are "fresh" and moving you forward)
  • Fortnightly check-in process (make sure you are following the process towards peak-hood)
  • Customised Nutrition plan (+ adjustments)
  • Current food log audit/review (evaluating your dietary situation and identifying barriers that need removing)
  • 1 on 1 Macro Tracker Intensive (training session) OR Meal planning 101 (training session)
  • Unlimited Email Support (business hours)
  • 2 x monthly SOS 'Sherpa credits' (to get additional help outside of coaching hours)


✔️ Ideal for competitive athletes looking to level up sports performance (among other goals) OR high performers with more advanced/multi-faceted, or longer-term goals on their "desire list".

Also designed to help those who are working through issues such as emotional eating, poor mindset and food mentality, and self-sabotage.

Want more flexibility?

Want more say in how your coaching is delivered to you?

You can also choose our Flexi-Choice option which provides you all of the above with the added benefit of being able to choose between weekly or fortnightly sessions as you go (that's potentially nearly double the number of check-ins for only a small additional increase in price).

This equates to a maximum total of:

13 sessions (90-day nutrition coaching option) OR 26 sessions (180-day nutrition coaching option).

The 90-Day Macro Sherpa

VIP 180-Day Macro Sherpa

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Your nutrition is in good hands!

We can't wait to start working with you to realize your goals.

We are ready to help you streamline their progress through nutrition education, support, and guidance with consistent accountability from a Sports Dietitian.



As close as possible to having your very own Sports Dietitian in your corner - providing the expert guidance + power of accountability.



Regular touch points with your nutrition specialist to ensure issues are addressed, strategies implemented effectively, and progress assessed for more effective nutrition planning.



Using the Flexible Macro System, I will help design the blueprint to bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you want to get to tomorrow.


We work hard to help you reach your peak potential, and won't stop until we do. As long as you put in he work and follow the process, you will see a transformation in your life.


Aleksa Gagic (Sports Dietitian & Nutrition Coach)

My name is Aleksa Gagic - I'm a Sports Dietitian & Nutrition Coach who specializes in using flexible nutrition to help athletic individuals elevate their nutrition and reach peak physique and performance.

Using my Flexible Macro System I have helped dozens of people get better, more sustainable results and break free from restrictive diet practices & nutrition misinformation. I don't believe in quick-fix solutions or generic cookie-cutter approaches, strongly preaching the power of individualization.

Over the years, I have fine-tuned my approach and created an approach where I have been able to use macros to create a unique nutrition experience for athletes that is both specific & strategic as well as flexible, to maintain a balanced lifestyle (and I even use it for myself).

My Why: "To inspire the peak potential within. In everything I do, I look to empower & inspire by delivering a superior experience that transforms lives."

Aleksa Sports Dietitian in Brisbane


Look...nutrition change is simple. But it’s not easy. That is where I come in.

Think of nutrition change as a mountain climb. You need a climber (that’s you). A roadmap (the correct customised nutrition plan). And a sherpa (that can be me, your mentor and coach). 

Having the right plan that is designed and delivered by a Sports Dietitian is invaluable when you consider most people diet only to lose their results within a couple of years - all that lost time because of winging the nutrition game. 

I have been able to streamline athlete results by providing the real-world experience, evidence-based science, and accountability that comes with working with me 1:1, and now it’s your turn to harness this valuable investment into your success - in health and sport. 

Question is, are you game enough to trust in yourself and trust in the process? 

Ready to make this the year you transform yourself?